Gluten-Free Squid

Experiments in Gluten-Free Land.

canning and pie

Long time, no blogging about gluten-free tastiness.

There was a thing with The Job that I resigned from because I was going more-than-a-bit barmy. *makes the gestures of It’s A Loooooooooooooooong Story That No One Needs To Hear*

So, I made my first attempt at canning and made my first successful pie.*

*I would like to point out that neither fruit butter nor pie has been tested yet, so it’s possible that they suck. It’s Schroedinger’s Fruit Butter!


The fruit I used was rhubarb and strawberries (they’re just at the end of their season here) and some peaches that are just getting towards the beginning if their season (I cheated and used some that had come up from Georgia).


It made a bit more than I was expecting.


The pie is the same fruit combo (everything has allspice, nutmeg, clove, cardamon, lemonsalt,and black pepper in it), but the bottom crust is from a Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef recipe and the top is a crumble topping culled from my mum’s crisp recipe and a recipe from the Food Network.

So, yeah,that was my day for the most part.



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